About & FAQ

Hi, My name is George Eeken and I want to welcome you to SelectYourBonus.com.

What’s SelectYourBonus?

It’s a membership site exclusively for George’s “buyers”.

A site where you can change bonus points for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products.

Who is George Eeken?

You can read more about me on this About Page.

But to summarize…

I have 2 main blogs for online marketers…

On GeorgesReviews.com, my main purpose is to keep you informed about the latest and most popular new software and info products for Internet Marketers. And when I have time and found the product really interesting after using and testing the product myself, I wrote an in-depth review about it.

On GeorgesHacks.com, you primarily find tips, tricks, shortcuts (hacks), and strategies for Internet Marketers.

Furthermore, I have obtained 50+ products with Resell or White Label rights. Products that I sell myself and you can buy (with personal usage rights) on my special deal site GeorgesDeals.com.

How do I get bonus points?

You’ll always get bonus points for each product you’ll buy directly from George himself (on GeorgesDeals.com) or indirectly via his affiliate links (on GeorgesReviews.com, GeorgesHacks.com, or his bonus pages).

On both GeorgesReviews and GeorgesHacks, you’ll find outgoing links to product sales pages. Most of the times, these links are affiliate links. Hence, you can assume that I’ll get a (small) commission from the vendors if someone buys a product after my referral.

To reward my readers for buying products, I always give bonuses to visitors who buy through my affiliate links.

As I don’t want to give away bonuses that you don’t want or need, and want you to give as much flexibility as possible, I created SelectYourBonus.com.

For each and every product in the funnel you’ll buy, you’ll always get bonus points. Inside my articles and reviews, plus on my special overview pages as the New Offers Page, I’ll always mention the number of points that you’ll get.

Can’t find the number of points? Don’t worry, you always get points (if you buy through my links). And yes, for every front-end, up- or downsell as well.

How are the bonus points determined?

The number of points are based upon the price level of the product (minimum of 40 points per product). Hence, as the products on SelectYourBonus are each “valued” with 5 or 10 points, you can choose at least 4 products for free (for each product you’ll buy).

How to claim your bonus points and bonuses?

As you’ll get a different number of bonus points for each individual purchase, I have to add your bonus points manually (and in case you are a first time buyer, I have to manually setup your membership on SelectYourBonus as well).

Furthermore, you can often select a free product on GeorgesDeals.com, and you have to tell me which product(s) you want!

Anyway, to get your bonuses, I have to do some things manually.

That’s why I can’t automate your bonus delivery.

So, please send an email to [email protected] with your purchase details and if applicable, let me know which free product(s) on GeorgesDeals.com you want.

You can expect your bonus delivery within 24 hours (during business days).

Do I need to create an account on SelectYourBonus.com?

No, our support will create your account and send you the login details.

How to change my points into products?
You have to be logged in before you can download your product. Just select the product. Hit the blue “Download now, for X points” button. And on the next “Download page”, hit the yellow “Download Now” button.

Now can download your products and the related bonus points (5 or 10 points) are deducted from your balance.

And the good part… You can always come back to the individual download page to download your bonus product again (without deducting your points again).

How long are my bonus points valid?

You can use your points whenever you want. For every download, your points will be deducted and the remaining points will be valid “for life” in your members area. (Hence, no need to tell me which products you want, you can select them yourself).

There isn’t much info about the bonus product. How do I get more info?

I understand there are only a few lines of description for each bonus product. Sometimes, there is a link to an “example” sales page to get more details. In other cases, you can try to find the product via Google by just searching with the product name. Most of the times you can find the product this way (offered by another vendor).

Can you guarantee that all the WordPress plugins are up-to-date?

No. Therefor, always make a backup before you install one of the WordPress plugins. I tested the installation of all plugins myself, but as new WordPress and other plugin upgrades occur over time, it’s possible that plugins won’t work anymore or do conflict with other plugins.

I downloaded a bonus product but I’m not happy with the product, or it doesn’t work. What to do now?

Just send an email to [email protected] We try to solve the issue but I can’t give unlimited support on these bonus products. (Note: I didn’t create these products myself). In case I can’t solve the issue or you are still not happy, I’ll add the used bonus points back to your balance. Hence, you can select another bonus.

I bought a product (via your affiliate link) and can select an extra product for free on GeorgesDeals.com. Do I need to buy the (free) bonus products on GeorgesDeals.com myself?

No, just send an email to [email protected] and tell which free product(s) you want, and you get your product (access details) delivered by email.

Instead of your bonus points and other bonuses, can I get a cash rebate?

Yes, (if the vendor allows this) follow this link to see how you can get a cash rebate of 12,5% for all your products (front-end and/or up- and down sells) purchased via my affiliate links.

But be in mind, that there are some conditions, and that your bonuses are often more worth than the cash rebate amount.

How to be sure you’ll use my affiliate link?

No worries, follow this link to see how you can check that you’ll use my affiliate link.

Can’t find my review but still want to buy a product and get my special bonuses?

First check out if you can find them on one of this page: New Products. Still not found? Send an email ([email protected]) and tell me which product you want to buy. And I’ll reply with the affiliate link you can use.

Thanks again. Enjoy your new product(s) and keep following your dreams.

George Eeken
[email protected]